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If you run a business that involves a supply chain, it’s pretty likely that you have supply chain challenges – and we   solve them. We help with in-depth study of your supply chain, understand your goals, your pain points and specific struggles to suggest most suited solution for your business. Whether it is demand sensing and shaping, supply planning, distribution planning, production planning, production sequencing or analytics, we do it at all levels, including strategic, tactical and operational. We are solution provider to diverse industry domains including chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, iron and steel, semiconductor, food processing and many more.


Not only do we create if-then actions to plan the future supply chain but also map out specific roadmaps for our customers and help implement supply chain planning solutions including Kinaxis RapidResponse®️ and Manhattan.We also help identify opportunities for additional savings during the implementation and support phase.


Concepts, strategies, and tools to make your teams more efficient, effective, collaborative, and innovative. You know us, we’re everything you need in a supply chain partner: from software expertise to talented trainers. Our experts help your team gain expertise on supply chain planning, demand forecasting and planning, production and distribution planning, data science and machine learning. We support Python and JavaScript technologies.